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About Us

YF Custom Flooring has been serving the city of Edmonton and its surrounding areas since 2006. Our company is licensed, covered by insurance and are bonded. We are a family flooring business that was started by my father in St. Petersburg, Russia. Our main focus is to create a comfortable home at affordable prices. We are customer friendly and focus 100% on our customer needs and desires.

At YF Custom Flooring, our mission is to provide our clients with highest quality workmanship and professional services. We strive to achieve optimum and satisfying finish product. We cover all areas of flooring material including Hardwood, Laminate, Tiles, Linoleum, Stairs and Carpet. Not only do we provide residential but also commercial flooring installation services.

Our company has developed a team of highly skilled contractors who have the experience and the time to do the job right, and who make every effort to provide customers the best service possible. We put in our time and efforts in every job. We understand the importance of trust in professional transaction and we care about our customers. All through the installation of the floor and even after that, you will feel valued by our company. At YF Custom Flooring, our measurement of success is based on the measurement of your satisfaction with our services.